Trendy Nursery: Kids' Bedrooms Among the Stars by Colette Bream

The new year brings a strong desire for renovation to many of us, an impulse to change our surroundings, even if it is just a little bit... Kids' bedrooms are always included in my list. Little ones grow up so fast and  switch their preference for themes and colors so often, that also their bedrooms need to be transformed at the same pace... Don't you agree?

Thinking about those changes, the whimsical creations of Colette Bream came to my mind... What a perfect time to share her designs!! Like many creators of wonderful things for children, Colette Bream, an artist born and raised in Europe, now living in the US, found her inspiration through her daughter. An urge to build a nest for her baby, free of plastics and polyester, filled instead with simplicity, innocence and colorful accessories, motivated the birth of her line of bedding sets, pillows, blankets, and fanciful characters that look like they just jumped out of a children's book.

Adding more goodness to these beauties, it is nice to know that all Colette Bream's designs are hand made in the USA with natural materials, 100%  organic cotton is used for the bedding sets, as well as 100%  lambswool for blankets and pillows. 

I am particularly in love with the idea of creating a bedroom among the stars, with  good-night kissing clouds and windy-wind pillows. Pinocchio, Harry the Heart and the Little Horse could also join the sky scene to complete a magical touch... Imagine how creative a child can get in a room like that!!

Colette Bream's designs available here.
All pictures provided by Collete Bream's website.

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