Happy, Happy New Year 2013!!

Happy New Year, friends!!           Feliz Ano 2013, amigos!!         Felice Anno Nuovo, amici!!

Wow!! Everything happened so fast... Christmas came and went, New Year's Eve came and went, a short vacation came and went, and here we are, a week after the beginning of 2013 with all of our resolutions ready, reenergized, and positively believing that "the best is yet to be".

Despite the exhaustion I'm always left with after the holidays, I like the process of renovation of myself inspired by the new year, that call for inner examination, the desire to improve, and  the commitment to change and become a better human being. 

Of course, I never stick to all of my resolutions, but I have to say, every year some bad habit or ridiculous routine leaves my life for good and a new, positive discipline takes over to remind me that for us, human beings, anything we wish is possible. Anything we focus on, anything we work hard on will lead to good results, maybe to the best year ever.

Before my days get busy and crazy as usual, I'd like to take a minute to wish you all an abundance of health, perseverance and clarity to succeed in 2013!! ... Cheers to a happy, healthy, and prosper new year!!

PS: A little behind to pick a calendar... don't you think so?? Well, maybe I'm not the only one who still doesn't have one. So, after looking around, searching for a new 2013 calendar, these two made it to my top favorite list... Scroll down for links:  

1:: The Best is Yet To Be - Postcard by Virginia Kraljevic available here. (Top)
2:: Goodness 2013 - Letterpress Coaster Calendar by W+K Studio available here. (above)
3:: 2013 Vortex - Letterpress Calendar by Ink+Wit Studio available here. (below)

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