Vintage Halloween

Fall is in full force right now in the Hudson Valley. All around us has turned yellow, orange, red, brown, and it looks gorgeous. Days are goings by fast and with them, the colors, those beautiful colors that so soon will be brown, more brown and gray... Ocassionally, we have been gifted with unusual October temperatures of eighty degrees and cloudless, bright blue skies. The perfect weather to forget about whatever I had to do indoors, grab my camera, my girls and get out to explore... This time, the road took us to New Paltz, where we ended up at the Wall Street Market and its antiques barn, a place packed with all kind of goodies from the past and some eye-catching, vintage Halloween favors.

What do you think? ...Aren't they awesome? It felt like we got on a time machine, strolling through so many rooms, surprisingly finding here and there, a spec of orange and black, a sign of past time Halloween... A wooden trick-or-treat basket in one corner, a tin pumpkin and horn in another, the cute pumpkin-head guy, the witch shoes, all of this reminiscence of old Halloween traditions kept me fascinated, thinking of how fast things evolve while others disappear... The world of trends... right?

... How about this owl? It kind of stole my heart!!... I admit my weakness for owls. I love them in all kind of shapes and colors, but this one screams my style. It reminds me of illustrations and postcards from the sixties... I'd love to see it on a t-shirt or a pillow.

New Paltz in the Hudson Valley area, NY, is becoming one of my favorite places... A really nice town to visit with the kids and walk around, stopping by cool antique shops, a farm market with fresh, local products and many restaurants with very interesting menus, organic, vegetarian, vegan, international fusions... The atmosphere around Water Street Market is perfect for a Sunday morning with its outdoors cafe, live music, antiques barn, good coffee, pastries and cheeses... What else can you ask for?
Can't wait to get there? Here are the directions ...Have fun!!