Color Recreation: We Do Crafts and Eat Cake on a Snow Day!!

So far, this winter has been a little confusing... One day we freeze in a twenty degree weather and the day after, we are blessed with a fifty degree break... Two days ago, snow was not in my radar at all, I hadn't even checked the weather forecast in a couple of days, but a very early phone call yesterday, reminded me that this is New York, and you should never stop following the actions of mother nature.

Schools were cancelled for the day, and as I was getting to the window to confirm what had happened, I could see the brightness coming from outside... Everything was white, white, white!! ...Our street wasn't even plowed and the inevitable thought started to fill up my mind... How do I entertain my girls all day, while I work?

Honestly, at their age, ten and six, they can find things to do on their own. The problem is that I wonder if they would do something that doesn't imply keeping their eyes glued to a screen for hours.

Of course, my schedule changed completely. I hurried. I got some things done, left others for tomorrow, and made a decision. I wanted to have fun with my girls on a snow day, and I mean fun indoors, at home, not rushing to go anywhere, not doing homework, not getting dressed and putting make-up on. I wanted a day in pijamas, doing crafts, reading stories, drinking hot chocolate, and eating cake.

...And, so we did!! We got a bunch of paint, markers, brushes, and craft kits that had been in our drawers forever. The girls got inspired and I didn't even try to get fancy looking for a fabulous recipe to make cake. I just went straight to the pantry and pulled a safe box of super moist Betty Crocker Mix... No stress, no worries!!

We really enjoyed an awesome day, a wonderful time to remind me that once in a while, it is good to shut the door on the world and let it spin out there, while we give ourselves a chance to enjoy childhood, hot chocolate and cake.

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