London Olympics 2012: Our Favorite Picks for Kids

The opening ceremony of the London 2012 Summer Olympic Games is just a couple of days away, and we are delighted with the abundance of beautiful things, many designers have created to celebrate the occasion, especially for kids.
Do the Olympic Games have a special place in your life?? They do in mine. Somehow, my photographic memory associates every Olympic Game with whatever was happening in my life, at the moment... And so, I have these dear recollections of my home, my family, our gatherings to watch the games, our excitement every time a  Venezuelan athlete was recognized with a medal. Every four years we would turn into Olympic fanatics, my brother and I would be inspired by some athlete, and go outside to jump, run,  and feel invencible, like an Olympic medalist. I still remember myself during the Olympics in Montreal, Moscow, Los Angeles, always wearing the allegoric t-shirt for days, or collecting mascots in all of their versions... what a fever!!
With that idea in mind, helping create unforgettable memories in our children, I looked around and pinned these fabulous five items. Not necessarily, things to use just for the three weeks of the event, but hopefully, much longer... Hope you like them too and share them!!

1:: A Retro Poster with the most iconic images of London by Taylors Type.
2:: A Team GB Suitcase for kiddos to sit on and wheel around by Trunki .
3:: The Union Jack Lunch Bag for summer picnics or back to school by Dabbawalla Bags.
4:: The Union Jack Flag Dress Jumper, good to wear all year round by The Trendy Tot.
5:: The Union Jack Scooter a super cool bike made of birch plywood by Kiddimoto


Mibo: New DIY Animals and Organic Back to School Accessories

It feels like school just finished and now, we are being rushed to start all over again with early "back to school" preparation. Yes, our minds are busy with shovels and pails, tank tops and flip flops, while the stores are packing up  with back to school clothing and supplies. It's true, we may not have the fall season pictured in our near future yet, but sometimes beautiful things come around and we must allow ourselves to be tempted, even if it is too early. Some other times, we want to be ahead of the game, organize list of favorites, and this NEW collection from British studio Mibo, is one to jot down right away.
We have been in love with Mibo's collection of gorgeous Make-Them-Yourself Paper Animals for a while. From Forest Friends to Wise Guys, we adore them all. Printed on 100% recycled paper, the design of each single animal is unique and the idea of bringing an easy paper craft to little hands is fantastic; something artistic for kids to work and use later on, as a toy or room decor.
Good news!! The family is growing and a new group of animals has been added to these cute paper creatures. From the deep blue sea, comes the  "Marine Team", featuring a blue whale, a sea turtle, an octopus and a couple of friendly fish. 
Inspired also by all of her animals, Mibo's designer, Madeline Rogers, has created a sweet range of organic tees, shoulder bags and backpacks perfect for little fashionistas to get back to school in style. All made of 100% organic cotton, using water based ink, Azo free, this line is definitely a "must have" for toddlers and kids.

Psssst!! Mibo is celebrating the launch of their new collection and website with a whooping 25% OFF all puchases till July 21st. Use code FFBL25.

Mibo collection available here.

All pictures courtesy of Mibo.


Personalized, Wooden Smartphones for Techie Babies

Tired of looking desperately for your phone, everywhere in the house? ...Sure you left it on the coffee table and now, for some reason, you just found it in the toilet!! ...Well, you know the reason is that baby loves your phone and can't wait for you to put it down, so he can grab it and have a glorious moment with it, pushing its buttons, leaving his little teeth marks on... agghh!!
Solve that problem and avoid trying to call anyone from a drooly phone. Go all-natural with this cool creation from  3Princesses Engraving. Chemical and toxin free, this original teether-toy is laser engraved on Canadian maple and finished with a baby-safe, unscented bee wax polish, sure to last longer than any smartphone on the market... right??
Perfect gift for a teething baby, the wooden smartphone can be personalized with baby's name on the back and a loved one calling on the front, represented with a heart: Hello, Grandma calling!!

Wooden smartphone by 3Princesses Engraving available here.


Snapping Turtles Kids: Onesie Bathing Suits, Smart Baby Beach Fashion

Is there anything more aggravating than changing a diaper when your baby is wearing a wet bathing suit? Well, of course there is, but being at the beach on a hot, summer day and having to completely undress a baby, just to change a diaper, while the wet bathing suit is all rolled up and tangled over the baby's legs, is very, very exasperating. Needless to say what a torture it is for your little one.
Sigh no more!! Fashion meets functionality and the result is awesome with the new line of swimwear for babies and toddlers- Snapping Turtles Kids. A whole collection  of one shoulder and ruffled girls' suits featuring stainless steel snaps at the bottom... yaaay!! What a genius idea, so simple, and so helpful. It is basically, a onesie turned into a stylish bathing suit, made of 100% cotton and nylon spandex blends, in sizes three months to 3T.
Baby is out of the water and ready to take a break? Complete the look with the matching white terry cotton cover up... Really gorgeous!!
We are loving the Southhampton print in rich navy blue with golden anchors, and the Malibu print in trendy tangerine orange and white, pictured above. However, the collection extends to several other prints in beautiful colors.

Snapping Turtles Kids available here. 

All pictures courtesy of Snapping Turtles Kids.


Trendy Nursery: Twoolies, Colorful Handmade Knits for Baby's Room

Are these adorable or what? It's a new collection of handmade, stuffed animals from Jonathan Adler's Studio, and they really cought my eye from the first moment I saw them. Twoolies have a mix of modern and ancestral styles, that brings me back to those crafts found in the homes of many native tribes in South America, reminiscent of Inca or Mayan cultures...
Well, sure enough these colorful, exotic friends have an interesting story behind them. Twoolies were designed by architect Sindy Posso and Mayan artists. There aren't two of these alike, each one is a unique combination of textures, colors and patterns, using natural wool and manual looms. Bringing back old traditions, every single piece is entirely and carefully handmade by skillful Tzotzil weavers in Mexico.
Definitely, these Twoolies will add a beautiful touch of color to complete the nursery's decor or any kids' room. They would also make a tasteful gift for a baby shower or a little one's birthday present... Don't you agree? I can't get over the hot pink lion's mane or the baby kangaroo in its pouch... Seriously, cute!!

Twoolies by Johnathan Adler available here.


Red, Blue and White: In the mood for a Fourth of July Picnic

After some midnight showers, today it's sunny, hot and beautiful in New York, a good beginning to a Fourth of July celebration. Outdoor barbecues, fireworks, family and friends is definitely, the order of the day. It's time to stop the engines and celebrate freedom. Today we take a break and rest.
Get in a picnic mood with this red, white and blue color inspiration from Etsy's shop Sewn Natural... Pick your favorite park, a peaceful spot and spread this gorgeous Vintage Marimekko Picnic Blanket on the grass. Toss a couple of pillows featuring modern 1960's Vera Neumann's original designs, then eat, drink, play and wait for fireworks to start...

Cheers to freedom!! ...Have a wonderful Fourth of July, everyone!!

Sewn Natural organic, ecofriendly creations available here.