Top Baby Shower Gifts: Organized from the Start - Baby Briefcase

My good friends at Cool Mom Picks posted a few days ago, the Ultimate Baby Shower Gift Guide and it really is the "Ultimate Baby Shower Gift Guide"... OMG!! These girls did not miss one detail. There is something for everyone, classified in all kind of categories... Definitely, a link to bookmark and keep handy for the rest of the year. It is packed with great present ideas for the parents-to-be, the baby-to-arrive and even better, many, many discount coupon codes, good till the end of 2009.
Among those fabulous selections, Cool Mom Picks included Chittypulga's Baby Briefcase, a gift that will always make you look tasteful, smart and appropriate, a unique tool designed by "Organized from the Start", to keep some peace of mind after you give birth and find yourself fully loaded with the baby in one hand and a stack of papers on the other...
It is true, our little muffins as cute as they are, produce a scarry amount of papers and important information that even if you don't have the time to categorize at the moment, at least you want it all together in one place. That place is the Organized from the Start - Baby Briefcase, an item that has already become a classic gift with its modern, neat presentation, delicate pastel colors perfect for either boy or girl, strong construction and smart design... Imagine a perfect folder and tag for the birth certificate, inmunizations, insurance policy, social security and even a picture frame, so you can easily identify whose child the briefcase belongs to... Not that I'm thinking you are another version of the Octo-Mom, but you might get confused!! ... Promotional Price at Chittypulga: $26.95
I kept peeking at the Ultimate Baby Shower Gift Guide and found another big name when it comes to gifting the mom, rather than the baby... Mama Mio, their moisturizers and fantastic pregnancy kits are sure to please even the pickiest expecting mom... Who doesn't want to be pampered with some bottles of oils and creams over-stuffed with Omega 3, 6 and 9? Who doesn't want to rub that tummy for nine months just to ensure that the growing and shrinking will not leave your stomach looking like a flat tire? Check the Mama Mio website for a full selection of their products or visit Chittypulga for Mama Mio's discounted items at 25% OFF the regular price...
My last peek from the Ultimate Baby Shower Gift Guide: Wry Baby. A hilarious collection of outfits and things for the baby-to-arrive. I looove Wry Baby's intelligent and sophisticated sense of humor, always reallistically funny, never phony... Check their website for the newest line "Have the baby you want instantly", three different sets of snapsuits and leggings, packed and ready for a gift. The attitude in the "Instant Rock Star" really kills me... Check also Chittypulga's Wry Baby selections at 25-30% OFF the regular price.
...And don't forget, at Chittypulga you always get Free Ground Shipping on purchases over a $100, plus a $10 OFF e-coupon when you join our e-mail list.