Wave Chair by Utzon Kids: A Design So Cool That Gets Parents Jealous

Love at first sight!! That was my connection with these chairs the moment I saw them... Scandinavian style at its best, modern, creative, yet so simple, perfect for children. Utzon Kids, an innovative Danish design studio, is the progenitor of the Wave Chair, a lounge seat for little ones, ages two and up, that also makes a fantastic piece of decoration for their room. 

The Wave Chair is delicately crafted using high quality wood, either maple or walnut for the frame, and upholstered with exclusive textiles designed by well known names in the market. 

Favorite in this collection, the Hygge, a Danish term that means getting cozy and spending a nice time with friends and family. Definitely, a chair with a top made of soft Tybetan lamb wool and a vibrant red frame has to be cozy and snuggly.

The Sigge also made it to the top of my favorite list. The stunning black and white fabric, replicates a floral motif hand-drawing with a sophisticated touch of street art... Lovely!!

Good news, Utzon Kids Wave Chairs are available and free delivered all over the world.

Wave Chair by Utzon Kids available here.

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