Awesome Picks for Kids: Top 6 Adorable Back-to-School Lunchboxes

...Here we go again!! List in hand, ready to attack the back-to-school season, some times confused with the huge variety of designs to select from, and some others frustrated not finding enough of that particular item we are looking for.
Lunchbox selection can get a little tricky if we think about all of the requirements that come with it- something beautifully designed that represents our child's personality, but also fits our taste (why not?), something durable, non-toxic, reasonably priced... sooo many things to consider.
Well, we did our research and put together a list of the top six lunchboxes that really caught our attention. They are "adorable", that's right, but we also made sure that they are safe, BPA-free, Phthalate-free, lead free, insulated and washable. After all, they will be carrying our children's food all year round and we should have piece of mind keeping toxic elements away. Good insulation is another issue of importance; soggy, cold food or a warm juice can be a good excuse for our kids to come back home with an untouched lunch. Of course, spills will happen and when they happen, we want to be able to wash and dry our "pretty" lunchboxes knowing that they won't get damaged. 
Ready now? Go ahead, inmerse yourself into some "clicking" activity and good luck finding all you need for your little one's back-to-school shopping.

1:: Ruby Lunchbox by Baby Kaed (PVC, Phthalate, lead free).
2:: Monkey Do Kids Lunch Bag by Dabbawalla (Machine Washable, Personalizable).
3:: Red Scooter Lunchbox by So Young (PVC, Phthalate free, lead safe).
4:: Zoo Lunchies Cat by Skip Hop (BPA, Phthalate free).
5:: Big Apple Buddies Lunch Bags by BUILT NY (PVC, BPA free).
6:: Busy Bee Personalized Lunch Box by Frecklebox (Lead free tin, Personalizable).

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