Carboard Luxury: DIY Cartabianca Dollhouse

From metal to plastic, from plastic to ecofriendly wood and cardboard, dollhouses have definitely gone through heavy evolution, and we love new concepts like this one- a dollhouse that your child can build on his/her own. 
The Cartabianca Cardboard Dollhouse is a toy that leaves a lot of space for creativity and imagination, since children can color it any way they like. It is also a very crafty toy with templates included to print furniture and decorations, so your child can also work on motor skills and hand-eye coordination while cutting and folding the little pieces.
A recent find at Etsy's shop Cartabianca, this three-story Villa takes about ten minutes to be built. No adhesive tape or complicated tools are necessary. All parts of the house are pre-cut, pre-creased and sealed.  All you will need is paint, scissors and glue for decorations.
Without a doubt, this mini mansion is a tasteful present for little artists or aspiring architects! 

Cartabianca Cardboard Dollhouse available here.  

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