Awesome Picks for Kids: Top 6 Backpacks for Pre-Schoolers

Are backpacks for pre-schoolers that important or completely unnecessary? Which one is the right one to select? ...and how could you know, if this is the first time you are sending your little one to school?
 It may sound silly, it is only pre-k and possibly just a couple of hours of school a day, but yes, your pre-schooler needs the right backpack, a step up from toyish bags, those ones your child uses to carry small things around, and a step down from the big backpacks that kids take to elementary school.
Having made this point clear, a backpack for pre-school shouldn't be just cute or cool. It should be functional. Size matters and a regular size backpack for a pre-k student becomes an aggravation, a huge thing that covers his/her whole back with so much space inside that is almost impossible for a young child to find anything. A toddler backpack is the appropriate choice, a bag usually the size of a notebook with enough room for gloves and a hat, small books, crayons and maybe, a little something for "show and tell".
Non-toxic materials are a "must" have. BPA free, phthalate free, lead free, all of those safety highlights are important, especially considering that in many cases, in which lunches are not part of the schedule, backpacks are the ones needed to carry snacks and juice.
Size, safety and comfort is our motto when choosing the perfect pre-k backpack, a bag that is easy for a little kid to figure out. Smooth zippers, padded straps, mesh pockets for snacks and a washable surface should make everyone happy and complete the deal.
Here is our list of the top 6 pre-k backpacks that passed our test:

1:: Bunny Backpack by CBHstudio (PVC Free).
2:: Cold Feet - Kids' Backpack by Dabbawalla (made of Neoprene-like fabric).
3:: Grey Robot - Toddler Backpack by So Young (PVC Free).
4:: Zoo Packs - Little Kid Backpack- Dinosaur by Skip Hop ( BPA, Phthalate Free)
5:: Bubble Half Pack- Gumball by MadPax (made of Polyester-Spandex fabric).
6:: Go-Vinci Backpack by Ben-Bat USA ( PVC Free).

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