Amazing: London Olympic Stadium Replica Built with LEGO

British were totally determined to amaze the world hosting the London 2012 Olympic Games and wow!! have they done so. The opening ceremony, the sport installations, the gorgeous settings around London, everything is meant to blow our minds, including this replica of the Olympic Stadium, made out of one hundred thousand bricks of Lego.
Just steps away from the official London Olympic Store in the Westfield Shopping Centre, the exhibit is drawing a huge crowd of visitors taking pictures, pointing at the mini figures and commenting about the masterpiece that took two months to be completed.
British Lego artist Warren Elsmore and his team of four people put 450 hours of intense labor on this project and included every little detail they could think of from the front and back of the original building. The glass-encased structure weighs 220 pounds and portraits the action going on at the stadium during competition with  Lego people seating in the audience, walking on the stairs, and athletes on a podium ready for awards ceremony.
Special Mini Figures were created by Lego, exclusively for the UK market representing the Great Britain Olympic Team and they can be seen on different spots of the replica, the medalists, a javelin thrower, a runner...
As if this job wasn't enough, Elsmore also replicated the whole Olympic Park with its aquatic center and basketball stadium. Even bigger, this piece required 250,000 blocks and it is exhibited at the Danish Village in London's St. Katherine's Docks... crazily amazing!!!  

Pictures courtesy of Yahoo! and Lego.    

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