London Olympics 2012: Our Favorite Picks for Kids

The opening ceremony of the London 2012 Summer Olympic Games is just a couple of days away, and we are delighted with the abundance of beautiful things, many designers have created to celebrate the occasion, especially for kids.
Do the Olympic Games have a special place in your life?? They do in mine. Somehow, my photographic memory associates every Olympic Game with whatever was happening in my life, at the moment... And so, I have these dear recollections of my home, my family, our gatherings to watch the games, our excitement every time a  Venezuelan athlete was recognized with a medal. Every four years we would turn into Olympic fanatics, my brother and I would be inspired by some athlete, and go outside to jump, run,  and feel invencible, like an Olympic medalist. I still remember myself during the Olympics in Montreal, Moscow, Los Angeles, always wearing the allegoric t-shirt for days, or collecting mascots in all of their versions... what a fever!!
With that idea in mind, helping create unforgettable memories in our children, I looked around and pinned these fabulous five items. Not necessarily, things to use just for the three weeks of the event, but hopefully, much longer... Hope you like them too and share them!!

1:: A Retro Poster with the most iconic images of London by Taylors Type.
2:: A Team GB Suitcase for kiddos to sit on and wheel around by Trunki .
3:: The Union Jack Lunch Bag for summer picnics or back to school by Dabbawalla Bags.
4:: The Union Jack Flag Dress Jumper, good to wear all year round by The Trendy Tot.
5:: The Union Jack Scooter a super cool bike made of birch plywood by Kiddimoto

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