Color Recreation: Chalk Art and the Magic of 3-D on the Ground!

It was very hot and humid like most summer days in New York, but at least, there was no rain. As everyone was hoping, it was dry, the only requirement for chalk art to exist and survive its short life.
A couple of weekends ago, twelve artists from different regions of the country were invited to New Paltz to celebrate the first Hudson Valley Chalk Art Festival, an explosion of color and creativity that really put to test the patience and endurance of its participants.
After hours under the inclement sun, mixing pastel colors, seating on their bent legs and kneeling against the concrete, the artists started to deliver and their stunning masterpieces began to evolve.
Just like at a regular gallery, we walked the hallways of the festival, this time looking at the ground, instead of admiring art on the walls. Portraits, animals, flowers and all sort of inspiration were represented, but what really blew our minds were the 3D images.
It is fascinating to let perspective fool our eyes and see how a pool painted on the flat ground all of a sudden has depth, or a group of hikers  climbing up to the top of a cliff seem to be ready to come out of the picture and grab your feet... Wow!!
A really cool event for the whole family, the festival also provided space for little hands to play and express themselves drawing with chalk on the ground. Forgetting about how messy chalk painting is, kids were having a ball on such a huge canvas... Fun!!

More info about the Hudson Valley Chalk Festival here.

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