Trendy Nursery: Twoolies, Colorful Handmade Knits for Baby's Room

Are these adorable or what? It's a new collection of handmade, stuffed animals from Jonathan Adler's Studio, and they really cought my eye from the first moment I saw them. Twoolies have a mix of modern and ancestral styles, that brings me back to those crafts found in the homes of many native tribes in South America, reminiscent of Inca or Mayan cultures...
Well, sure enough these colorful, exotic friends have an interesting story behind them. Twoolies were designed by architect Sindy Posso and Mayan artists. There aren't two of these alike, each one is a unique combination of textures, colors and patterns, using natural wool and manual looms. Bringing back old traditions, every single piece is entirely and carefully handmade by skillful Tzotzil weavers in Mexico.
Definitely, these Twoolies will add a beautiful touch of color to complete the nursery's decor or any kids' room. They would also make a tasteful gift for a baby shower or a little one's birthday present... Don't you agree? I can't get over the hot pink lion's mane or the baby kangaroo in its pouch... Seriously, cute!!

Twoolies by Johnathan Adler available here.

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