Personalized, Wooden Smartphones for Techie Babies

Tired of looking desperately for your phone, everywhere in the house? ...Sure you left it on the coffee table and now, for some reason, you just found it in the toilet!! ...Well, you know the reason is that baby loves your phone and can't wait for you to put it down, so he can grab it and have a glorious moment with it, pushing its buttons, leaving his little teeth marks on... agghh!!
Solve that problem and avoid trying to call anyone from a drooly phone. Go all-natural with this cool creation from  3Princesses Engraving. Chemical and toxin free, this original teether-toy is laser engraved on Canadian maple and finished with a baby-safe, unscented bee wax polish, sure to last longer than any smartphone on the market... right??
Perfect gift for a teething baby, the wooden smartphone can be personalized with baby's name on the back and a loved one calling on the front, represented with a heart: Hello, Grandma calling!!

Wooden smartphone by 3Princesses Engraving available here.

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