Mother's Day Gifts: Jewelry with a Legacy from Alice Roche

Certainly, there is plenty of bling and precious metal flirting with our eyes these days... So many catalogues filled with sparkly close ups and pictures of happy moms holding babies, twirling around, wearing the objects of desire, a.k.a. jewelry.
Great!! ...It's always nice to imagine ourselves looking pretty, all dressed up with the heels, the full skirt, the jewelry and the baby, dancing around... But, in seconds, we come back to reality and realize that the imitation of that perfect picture in the catalogue, might end up landing us on the floor with a twisted ankle, looking a little less than glamorous.
That's the moment when we start thinking of  jewelry that identifies us, and reallistically, matches our everyday life. Something tasteful, artistic, meaningful... Yes, meaningful is an important aspect  for a Mother's Day present. Don't you think so? I do and that is the reason why I liked Alice Roche's "Legacy" necklaces so much.
The collection was designed with the special bond between mother and child in mind, representing the three qualities in a child that  moms wish for, as they watch their little ones grow.
Alice Roche, a jewelry designer and architect from San Francisco, reached to her Facebook community and asked. After getting so many suggestions, she picked the three winners... Courage, Inspire and Gratitude have now taken shape in the form of  these hand stamped, sterling silver necklaces. Simple, yet so stylish, the collection also includes the "Love" and "XO" versions, both equally appropriate for Mom's Day. 

Alice Roche Jewelry available here

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