Color Recreation: April Flowers Brought May Showers

April showers bring May flowers or April flowers bring May showers? ... Hard to tell. This year, every single predictable trait of the weather has failed... April never brought showers, flowers have been blooming since March, and today on the first day of May, we finally see rain... A good opportunity to put on the rain boots that we haven't had a reason to wear, so far... A nice excuse to go outside and smell the fresh air, take some pictures and maybe, maybe, let our hair get wet in the rain...
One of my favorite months, May is a time for celebrations, Mother's Day, Memorial Day weekend, the official beginning of summer and my daughter Naomi's First Communion... There is a lot going on around here. 
How about you? ...Preparing for any special occasion? ...Is it spring also on your side of the world? Come on, write a few words and let us know.
In the meantime... Happy May, everyone!! ...Hope you have an excellent month.

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