Color Recreation: Zoo and the City

New York City is magical in many ways. Whether you live here or visit it for a few days, there is always something special, unique  for everyone that makes you remember it forever. The diversity, the fast pace, the constant contrast, I don't know which one captivates me more, but one thing that always fascinates me about it, is the many possibilities to find peace and quiet in the middle of chaos.
Some days ago, I took my girls to the Central Park Zoo and even though it was packed with people of all ages, kids, babies, strollers, bumping backpacks  and diaper bags, we were able to enjoy a sense of distance from the craziness and relax.
Zoo and the City... Inside,  we could still hear the far away hunking and ambulance sirens. We could still see the fancy roofs of the buildings on Fifth Avenue to remind us where we were. But, behind the zoo's tall walls and gates, we were protected from mayhem, almost in a different dimension, surrounded by the candor of nature, subtle animal sounds and a silent explosion of colors...  Definitely, a nice break!!

Central Park Zoo, for details and directions, click here.

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