For Mom/For Baby: Handmade, Ecofriendly Lunch Tote and Bibs

Well, it seems like we are finally done with April's festivities, Easter, Passover, Earth Day... pheeew!! But, don't relax too much, because it's time to start getting ready for Mother's Day and baby showers... Ahhh!! Spring baby showers. They abound this time of the year and you know what that means... right?? Gifts, gifts, gifts!! 
Suggestions? Yes, of course, we have many, and we are going to start providing them, right now. 
"For Mom/For Baby" is our new gift list showcasing beautiful things that are visually related, by colors, patterns, shapes or style; one for mom and one for baby. So, stay tuned and don't miss a post. We might post the right gift you just needed to get. 
Today, a Lunch Tote for mom and a Penguin Bib for baby from Down Home Amy, an Etsy shop and design studio from Vancouver, Canada. Both, tote and bib are made with organic cotton, and the original illustrations are screen printed using water based, non-toxic ink... We love the delicate use of color in all of Amy's creations. Black, white, gray and a spec of mustard... Modern, simple, tasteful!!

Down Home Amy available here.  

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