Joyfolie: Put a Bow on Her Hair and Her Boots too!

I bet you've always been afraid of that moment when your little girl, at some point, not so little anymore, would be sneaking in your closet and squeezing her feet into your treasured heels... Aghh! The thought of scuffed shoes... What a nightmare! But, what your sweet princess never thought was that one day, she would be the one having to guard her closet to keep you away from her fantastic, out-of-this-world collection of Joyfolie shoes.
Yeeahh...We know ...We understand you!! The bows, the glitter, the houndstooth graphic, too much for you to handle, but you must stop and hope for that day when Joyfolie will have your size also available.
In the meantime ladies, let's just drool over this gorgeous line of shoes and boots, get over our jealousy, and try to find some matches for those spring outfits we already have in mind.
Joyfolie's Spring '12 collection is out and we cannot get over those Houndstooth Boots with the capped toe and the black bow on top, or the Maci Spectator Boots with that super delicate combination of faux patent leather in latte and cream. T-straps, Mary Janes, flats and peep-toe shoes, complete this line of unique designs with a fabulous abundance of bows, glitter, flowers and gems.
While Joyfolie's products are not exclusively "green", it is nice to know that their shoes are mostly made with organic fabrics, recycled rubber and reclaimed materials and trim. In other words, beauty meets environmental responsibility and the result is great.
Psst!! Every pair of shoe your order, also includes a hair matching bow or a flower clip... who knows? Maybe after some negotiations, your princess will let wear the hair bow.

Joyfolie available here.

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