Pot of Gold Somewhere: Rainbow Inspired Toys

Have you noticed yet? Days are getting longer, the sky is bluer, the sun is warmer... No, nooo, we are not talking about the massive solar storm hitting Earth today. We are talking about spring and all of its anticipation. The stores, the internet, everywhere I turn around, I see a preparation for a color explosion, and "rainbows" seem to be very trendy for kids these days... Hair bows, girls' jewelry, clothing, party decorations, toys and even cupcakes are showing up with a renovated image of the multicolored arc, not boring, not predictable, but fun, like in fact, there is a pot of gold somewhere...
Pot of gold somewhere? ...Yes, a pot full of rainbow-inspired toys ready to get your little one color prepped and artsy... The Crafty Kit by Alex Toys (above) is loaded with everything your young Picasso needs to make his first steps into the world of arts. All together in a colorful, durable case with a handle, this kit comes with an amazing amount of supplies in all colors of the rainbow, crayons, tissue paper, pipe cleaners, popsicle sticks, ric-rac, pom-poms and easy-to-make project ideas suitable for toddlers 2 years old and up.
A set of Kitty Egg Crayons by Kittybblove. One thing I find extremely difficult is teaching babies their first colors... How do you get your baby to understand that you are not teaching her the shapes or the name of things. "No, no sweetie, it's not a dog, it's not a circle, it's red, red, red". Until it finally clicks and baby starts to point at all things red. Patience, patience,patience!! In the meantime babies may start training with this adorable set of eco, handmade, non-toxic crayons, perfectly shaped for little hands and easy to use. No paper wrappers, no sharpening involved.
Lady Bug Learning Playset by MamaMayi. It may look like just a cute and simple "rainbow" color sorting mat, but this Montessori and Waldorf inspired toy has so much room for color and number exploration. Move along with your little one from the initial recognition of basic colors and numbers to more complex activities like counting, comparing, ordering and practicing fine motor skills by grabbing and placing the little bugs on the flower petals. Educational and also safe for kids, all little bugs are colored with nontoxic watercolor wash and sealed with beeswax and jojoba oil.
Keeping the older kids in mind, a DIY Rainbow Rock Kit from Fairyfolk. A beautiful do-it-yourself craft project for children who are interested in the arts of needle felt and wet felt. This set provides six river stones, wool in each of the rainbow colors, felting needles and well written instructions to create those gorgeous felted rocks, which can also be made and used as Easter eggs. Great idea for a birthday present too.

Crafty Kit available here.
Kitty Egg Crayons available here.
Lady Bug Learning Playset available here.
Rainbow Rock Kit available here.

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