Pylones: A Wagon Full of Colors in Grand Central Terminal

Recently, Naomi, my nine-year-old daughter, demanded to spend a Girly Girls' Day with mom, not a family day including all four of us, but an one-on-one day, just with me. A day in the city, taking the train to Manhattan, having lunch somewhere fun, getting haircuts, walking in Central Park, and of course, shopping. This time, she specifically asked for a stop at Pylones in Grand Central. A request that I accepted with total obedience because I love that store, as much as she does. A mecca of colors and fun design, Pylones is a great place for everyone, the young, the younger and us, the not so young anymore. Books, gifts, kitchen accessories, desk decor, baby stuff, personal grooming, and even pet toys, find their way on shelves and barrels, artfully displayed in a festive environment. A perfect place to casually kill time between trains at Grand Central or an obligatory stop for your girly girl and your inner child, Pylones is a store that puts a smile in your face with their collection of humoristic and whimsical products for the everyday aspects of life...
Here is a diplay of what Naomi bought for herself, using her hard-earned allowance. A practice these days that at nine years old, we are encouraging very much. It's amazing to see her not going crazy about every single thing in the store, but choosing carefully what she really likes and what she can afford. It feels so good not to have to deal with the constant "Mom, can I have this?" anymore... Neon Coin Purses made the cut, because "a girl always needs to have her coins in a safe, fashionable place".
Also, Filo Heart Keychains because "it is so nice to give one of them to my BFF and then, both of us can attach it to our school backpacks"...
Finally, Rubber Ducky with an Octopus Costume because "how could I leave it here?...Look at the fish he is holding on the side....Sooo cute!!". After much reasoning and a good hour and a half spent at the store, we made it to the cashier and realized that we had such a good time. We laughed, commented on cool designs, read some books, I chose a couple of presents and then, we were hungry enough to go to lunch and continue with our schedule on a Girly Girls' Day...

Do you also enjoy Girly Girls' Day with your little one? ...What activities do you include? ... Leave a comment. I'd love to know.

More details about Pylones in NYC available here.

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