Valentine's Treats: A DIY Bag Full of Love

Valentine's Day is just around the corner... The selection of cute gifts for the mini ones is done and now, it is time to take care of the sweet stuff. Chocolates, candies, lollipops, cookies, all of those so tempting and exciting for children but, such a problem for us, the parents. Dealing with a sugar rush is not fun or arguing about how many chocolates they can have at once, is not a conversation we want to have on Valentine's... It's all about love and friendship, and we want to make it a smooth, enjoyable occasion. When it comes to the sweets for Valentine's, I remind my girls that it is quality vs. quantity what really matters.

Things clear then, I don't fill up a bag with chocolate kisses or get them a big heart full of red gummy bears. I prefer to look for something special, take a trip to the local bakery or the handmade chocolate store, which always have fresh, organic cookies and chocolates, maybe a little more expensive, but definitely worthy.
Looking for a graphic way to put these thoughts together, I checked one of my favorite blogs Twig and Thistle and found this beautiful DIY Valentine's Treats Bag, a simple, easy idea with such a nice look. Right at the blog, you may download the file for free and print your own paper bags, fill them up with a couple of nice treats and that's it... You're done!!

What's in my bag?? Two things that I'm sure my girls will love to devour, Chocolate Valentine's Fortune Cookies from Dylan's Candy Bar in NYC and Rose Vanilla Marshmallows from Whimsy and Spice, a Brooklyn confectionary that provides very creative goodies online or if you are in NYC, you may check their list of retailers.

Valentine's Treats Bags available here.
Chocolate Valentine's Fortune Cookies available here.
Rose Vanilla Marshmallows available here.

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