Big Valentine's Hearts for the Littlest One

Celebrating baby's first Valentine's Day? ...That's kind of a tough one!! ... There is so much to look around, but you probably want to get the "one" special thing that your little bundle of joy could appreciate and keep for a long time... why not, forever? Something that you can tell a story about, some time, years from now.

Well, it is either "make it" or "buy it" and if you are enlisted in the army of those who are not so crafty, or are too busy to put anything together other than your baby's formula and the diaper bag, then start clicking on...
Here are some favorite things from around the web. Cute stuff, made by hand using organic fabrics, hypoallergenic materials and even helping a good cause like the Children's Heart Foundation. In other words, little things that scream LOVE.

Top Left :: Queen of Hearts Modern Doll from Petit Collage.
Top Right :: Boo Boo Heart from Janie XY.
Bottom Left :: Personalized Heart Teether from Little Sapling Toys.
Bottom Right :: Red & Pink Valentine's Day Gnomes from Riley Construction.

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