Pre-Valentine's Weekend: Get the Cards Ready

Pre-Valentine's weekend is here!! Time to wrap up, either attacking the stores and getting those gifts picked or staying home and, completing the details of your Valentine's affair... One important thing, most of the time left for the last minute, is the card accompanying the present. It should not be. Don't you agree? That is the part of the present in which you get to express your feelings and bare your soul, especially on Valentine's Day.

So, let the heart do the talk, get your cards on time, and find some inspiration from these lovely picks. The favorite one for my other half is this one above, "Boy Girl Big Heart" from Fugu Fugu Press. Their designs are very artistic and original. As an added bonus, all of their cards are letterpressed, printed with soy based ink on paper with recycled content or 100% cotton, tree free paper... Awesome!!
...And these two for my girls, my birdie and my bunny. The "xoxo" and "Bunny" cards come from another favorite stationary and textile studio in New York, Foxy and Winston. The designs are all so whimsical and delicate, printed on 100% recycled or cotton paper... Adorable!!

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone. We will take some time to work on the girls' Valentine's cards and little gifts for school. Let's see what they come up with for their kindergartners and fourth grader friends. I'll leave you with some inspirational links to get your mood going on this Valentine's Day celebration.

Boy Girl Big Heart card available here.
Xoxo and Bunny card available here.
Simply Sweet Valentine's Day from Sweet Designs.
DIY: Valentine Fortune Tellers from Design Mom.
Valentine's Treats for Two from West Elm.

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