The Evolution of Love

On Valentine's Day, as I baked cupcakes for Zoe's party at school, I gathered my thoughts about this date and made a quick mental chronology... It was eleven years ago, right on Valentine's Day when Craig popped the question "will you marry me?" and so, we got engaged and later on, married.

Our two girls were born and now that they are nine and five years old, we finally felt it was the right time to share with them a dream we had kept for so long. Craig and I met in New York City at Lumi, an Italian, Upper East Side restaurant that will always bring the sweetest memories of the beginning of our relationship, the times when we used to talk endlessly about our future and what "life with kids" would be.

As a Valentine's Day celebration, we decided to make our dream come true. We went back to Lumi, not as a couple, but as a family and introduced our daughters to the place where mom and dad fell crazily in love.

I have to say, the experience was amazing. The girls were fascinated with our story and for us, Craig and I, it felt like life froze for eleven years in that place. We could recognize every corner, every window, every room and, even bring back passages of our flirtatious ways at those times.

Ahhh!! The evolution of love, that is... One day we are dating, another day we are married. One day we celebrate Valentine's Day as a couple, another day we celebrate it as a full family. One day we bake cupcakes for our kindergarten kids and another day, we will be baking wedding cakes for them.

It's all about love!! One way or another, love is an important ingredient in every single stage of our lives. I hope you all enjoyed a nice day of love and friendship, expressing your feelings in whatever way it makes you happy and full of joy.

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