NYSCI: Futuristic Labs for Mini Scientists

Now that it seems safe to venture outdoors... Now that the weather is all good in New York... Now that everything seems so cool, we get another issue to bug our minds... Where do we take the kids to? Where can we go that is fun for the whole family, entertaining and educational, a combination of outdoors and indoors? Wheeeere?
New York Hall of Science (NYSCI) is a place that you definitely must add to your list of favorites and please, underline it with red marker, so you don't forget about it. We were recently invited to a NYC Bloggers' Open House and spent a wonderful family day there... Really, this place is nothing, but great. There was plenty of entertainment for everyone, hands-on science experiments appropriate for all ages and outdoor areas that make you feel like you bought a ticket for a ride on "Back to the Future" ....Awesome!!Walk around two big floors filled with over 450 exhibits and get not only your kids', but also your inner Einstein awakened... Microbes, atoms, molecules, live dissections, magical rooms, tricky mirrors, so much science around inviting everyone to experiment, to touch... Isn't that great? Yeeess!! NYSCI, a place where touching is allowed and experimenting is all right... Almost paradise!!
Talking about experimenting, NYSCI took all of its "hands-on" concept outdoors and as a result, you end up exploring a very original place. The "Science Playground" has the perfect chemistry, an equal mix of fabulous design and fun learning... Science meets modern art and all of a sudden, you find yourself pushing your child on a swing that is also a wind mill, while admiring the surrounding sun catchers and kinetic sculptures... Are we on Earth?
After refreshing my almost vanished knowledge of solar energy, motion, simple machines and taking a zillion pictures at the Science Playground, my girls were ready to take a golf lesson... We walked through hallways filled with science teachers pulling experiments on the spot, until we reached the Rocket Park Mini Golf... or should I call it the Lunar Rocket Parking Lot??...One or the other, kids had a ball learning to play golf surrounded by real NASA rockets and spaceships, they could actually ride on...

Woow! Done already with the secrets of spaceflight and golf, it was time to meet Sid the Science Kid from the popular PBS Kids Show... Who else could be hanging out at NYSCI, but Sid the Science Kid?
Making plans already for the weekend or looking for a venue to celebrate your child's birthday party? Think of NYSCI. They also offer different packages and themes for parties including crafts or science activities, use of the different areas of the museum and a party room... It just became my kids' new favorite place... and I loved it too!!

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