Kidsonroof: Being Green Was Never So Cool!

Earth Day is turning forty.... Wait, fooorty? ... That really makes me think about how long it has taken to spread the message... Getting people to love and respect Earth, not only with pretty words, but with their daily actions and turning individual efforts into community habits... What an effort!! Definitely, four decades of tiny "turtle" steps.
As I remember from childhood, our environmental education was just about keeping cans and candy wrappers off the street . These days things are different. Instead, we get to be parents in a world that invites kids to "be green". The words "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle" seem to be well printed in their little minds and everyday, we find more and more products with an ecological approach. Goods that don't represent a toxic threat, designs that allow us to show our children how modern life and nature can re-connect.
How about re-connecting with nature in a playroom like the one above? Eco friendly? Yees, and so beautiful... right? It's Volume Zero, the latest furniture collection from Dutch company Kidsonroof. Chairs, matching benches and tables are included in this new line, all constructed with solid beech wood and finished with waterbased paint and lacquer. The delicate prints are Japanese fabrics attached to the wood with waterbased paint.
Eco-friendly toys? Sure! Kidsonroof re-creates the traditional dollhouse and comes up with a thorough makeover. The modern version of the old country dollhouse is now a recycled cardboard mansion with the "countryside" already printed on it. The MobileHome Recycle! is the brand new addition to Kidsonroof's Casa Collection. A portable house in either color, green or purple with eight rooms, an attic and spy holes for pretend birds or maybe dolls to check on their neighbors... Who knows?
Luckily for our friends in Europe, Kidsonroof has all of its products available online and ready to ship from Amsterdam. For us, here in the USA, these new dollhouses will be available in May and the Volume Zero furniture, so sorry to tell, will probably be available at the end of this year. Meanwhile, if you really, really must have it, you can always order it from Europe.
What do you think? Isn't it true that "being green" was never so cool?

Happy Earth Day, everyone!! Tell us what you will be doing today? ...Whatever your plans are, make sure you enjoy nature, share it with your kids and help them realize how lucky they are to be here, at home, on Earth.

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