Albarcas & Gladiators: OMG!! The cutest sandals for little toes!!

Wiggly toes, little kids' chubby feet... Hmmm!! I must confess, they are my weakness. I can drool profusely contemplating them... Definitely, I prefer bare feet and nobody can convince me that there is anything cuter that mini bare feet... Do I sound a little extremist? I can be reasonable too and settle for shoes, but give me something cute, something that really, really matches the beauty of itty-bitty toes.
Sandals are a good starting point... Have you shopped for kids' sandals yet? Well, if you haven't, let me tell you that shoemakers are getting artistic this season. Some of them have teamed up with well-known plastic artists to bring their graphic inspiration on either leather or canvas.
I'm really in love with the Spanish "Menorquinas". These colorful "albarcas" or traditional beach sandals from Menorca, in the Balearic Islands, have been made by Riudavets for over 50 years. They have mastered the style and even, made them eco-friendly by using recycled tires to produce the sandal soles. Spanish illustrator Antonio Fernandez-Coca came to the picture recently when, inspired by the living creatures of the Mediterranean Sea, he started to fill up sheets of leather with playful starfish and octopus.
The result is "Menorquinas", these gorgeous sandals that will allow your little "fashionista" to keep her title as "the undisputed trend-setter".... Do you like them as much as I do?? Well, here is a link so you can get them from the manufacturer in Europe or if you are in the States, Zassie in New York City, carries them and delivers inside the USA. From the beach to a dressier style, and if you thought that gladiator sandals were just for you or maybe, Cleopatra... no, no, noooo!! ...Take a look at Steve Madden's "Sweeties" ...aren't they fantastic? Easy on, easy off, just a zipper in the back and a lot of beads in a tasteful combination... Perfect for the little girl that is not so little anymore, great to dress her up or down.
I'm fascinated with silver sandals this Spring. They match beautifully with Easter dresses, wedding outfits and even jeans. For toddlers and little girls, this gladiator style "Deena" seems to be the right one. Comfy, double velcro hook-and-loop straps and friendly price.... wooohoo!!

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