Color Recreation: Early Spring with Emerald and Mint

Have you realized all the furor with the combination of these two colors? Mint and emerald green are taking over the shelves around the world, online and offline too... And, I am loving it!! 
Right at this moment, when winter starts to feel too long and the black-white-gray combo doesn't seem to inspire me so much anymore, a touch of green feels perfectly right.

A hint of spring, a fresh sensation, all together a good vibration, mint and emerald hues are here to stay, and make trends everywhere for the upcoming months, from clothing and accessories to decor, and even food... Hello, Mint Chocolate Ice Cream Cake!!

Here are some of my favorite mint and emerald things for kids and home so far, but if you are suffering of a color crush and can't get enough of it, then head over to our NEW Pinterest board "Emerald and Mint" fully loaded with gorgeous photography and cool stuff... I'll have a mint tea in the meantime... Cheers!!

1:: Mint Chocolate Ice Cream Cake by Martha Stewart.com, available here .
2:: Girls' Elastic Bow Tee and Striped Cardigan by J.Crew, available here .
3:: Geo Ponte Shift Dress by Gap, available here.
4:: Sweet Mint Mary Jane Shoes at Ruche.com, available here.
5:: Mini Dots Round Tin at World Market.com, available here.
6:: Turquoise Octopus Pillow by Dermon Peterson, available here.

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