Inspired by: A Winter Celebration with Sweet Paul Magazine

Once again, a new edition of Sweet Paul Magazine is out and I'm totally captivated by it. Sweet Paul has become my quaterly eye-candy and inspiration for the season ahead. This time, the Winter 2012  publication is packed with holiday crafts, festive recipes, gift picks and the always gorgeous photography that makes the most simple things look so elegant and whimsical, almost unreal.

Simple and perfect, that seems to be the motto for Sweet Paul's holiday celebration. From Christmas ornaments made out of walnuts to origami evergreen trees, every single DIY project looks so easy to make that I just wish I could take a two-week vacation, just to dedicate myself to cooking and crafting. 

Of course, that not being my reality, I will comfort myself admiring the pictures and reading about these inspiring ideas.  Maybe, I'll pick a recipe or two during the winter break to test my cooking abilities... I think I'll try something like the Brie with Pear and Honey shown above or the fantastic Champagne Cupcake with a glittery bottle on top... Fabulous!!

Enjoy the full volume of Sweet Paul Magazine, Winter 2012, here.

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