Awesome Gifts for Babies: Our Eight Favorite Picks for the Littlest Ones

Baby's First Christmas is a special occasion for the baby, the parents, the grandparents and everyone around. The fact that a new little person has been added to the family, and is already there to join the celebration, makes it completely different, sweet and unforgettable. 

Choosing the right gift for that precious angel also becomes special, kind of a friendly competition among relatives to see who gets the cutest, funniest, chicest or trendiest present of all, something so beautiful that parents could even save it forever. A unique pair of booties, the softest blanket, a squishy rattle,  the first dinnerware set, it's a lottery to guess what will turn into the parents' favorite and baby's BFF.

Don't fall behind and keep up with the latest. We have picked eight fabulous gifts for the new people in your family, based on the most popular trends in color combination, preferred brands, and the use of natural and ecofriendly materials in the manufacturing process. So, go ahead, select your favorite and show off your good taste when it come to the youngest ones.

1::Tiger Cushion by Ferm-Living available here.
2:: Mushroom Rattle Gray by Tane Organics available here. 
3:: Gigoteuse Starprint Cloudy by April Showers available here.
4:: Raindrop Shapes Swaddling Blanket by Petunia Pickle Bottom available here.
5:: Personalized Cup & Bowl Set - Elephant by Giggle available here.
6:: Rocks Chickadee Booties by Blabla Kids available here.
7:: Bunny Romper by Stella McCartney available here.
8:: Alpaca Mittens by Egg by Susan Lazar available here.

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