Awesome Picks for Kids: Are We All Loving a Moustache?

Just when we thought that the hairy style over the upper lip was relegated to old pictures of Charles Chaplin and Burt Reynolds, fashion makes a statement and brings the moustache back, now trendier than ever... Have you noticed that?? Good thing, at least for me- I'm not really a fan of facial hair- the moustache comeback is not happening on boys' faces, but instead, showing as a theme on  clothing, home accessories, and in a very cute way, on children stuff.

Thin, thick, curly or straight, many designers included a moustache in their children collections this fall and created adorable onesies, tees, pillows, stuffed creatures, and even rubber stamps for little ones to pretend-play with finger moustaches. Thinking of the proximity of the holidays and all of the gift shopping that goes with it, we gathered our favorite moustaches and links... So, take a look and start building your wish list!!

1:: Moustache Kids' T-Shirt by Once Upon a Story available here.
2:: Knitted Moustache Pillow by Bla Bla Kids available here.
3:: Organic Girls' Moustache Dress by Sewn Natural available here.
4:: Balthazar by Lucky Boy Sunday available here.
5:: Hat and Moustache Sweater by Emile et Ida available here.
6:: Khaki Moustache Jumper by Beau Loves available here.
7:: Secret Man Pillow by Lucky Boy Sunday available here.
8:: Balthazar The Magician by Bla Bla Kids available here.
9:: Ricetache Plush Toy by Noodoll available here.

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