The Calm After The Storm: Join Hurricane Sandy Relief Efforts Online

Hello, friends!! ...I'm back on this corner after a couple of stressing days in New York...

News about hurricane Sandy came around and certainly changed everyone's routine, even before it arrived. No mind or inspiration to write a post, when one has to face empty shelves and run around in search of water, batteries or propane tanks... So much preparation, so much anticipation! ...At the end, we realized that even doing our best to stay safe, we were at the mercy of nature, and nothing but good luck could help us come out unharmed from the fury of a hurricane.

Thankfully, this time we got lucky. The Hudson Valley, wasn't hit as bad as New York City and the areas closer to the coast did. Today, even though schools remained closed and many are still without power, we haven't seen the level of destruction or floods we had last year, after hurricane Irene.

Today, as we try to get back to normal and resume our daily activities, we are also keeping in mind, those who were not so lucky. Our thoughts and support go out to all of our friends and customers who have been affected and are still dealing with Sandy's aftermath.

For our readers in other areas of the country or even the world, who wish they could help, know that you can. There are many organizations like the American Red Cross and Americares  that are taking donations online and providing relief to the victims of this "superstorm" that badly hit the northeast, last Monday night.

Help!! This is a perfect opportunity to accomplish your good action of the day.

Information  about how to donate to Hurricane Sandy Relief Efforts available here.    

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