Awesome Picks for Kids: A YetiToys Tricycle... What a Ride!!

In the world of toys, we may think what else can be new or different to attract kids' attention or develop such a bond that could get them emotionally attached. Well, as we know, creativity is limitless and there will always be an innovation, something with a peculiar twist.

YetiToys tricycles have that, a cool, modern looking ride-on with a special feature- they are customizable. Little ones get to enjoy a ride that is also a character, a friend that they can put together, according to their preferences. It's something like selecting the children's pet, but you won't have to train it or look after it  when you take it home... nice!! 

The process starts by choosing a color, the YetiToys tricycles are made of innovative plastic material with a very smooth, velvety surface. Blue, red, green, pink, the possibilities are many. Then, children can decide if they want their ride to be a dog by adding ears, a deer by adding antlers or a horse by adding a saddle. The wheels also provide a choice, they can be made of plastic or rubber, and if kiddo is too young to start pushing a tricycle, it can also turn into a rocking toy.

YetiToys are also conceived with safety in mind, a wide body and solid steering handlebar to provide good stability, plus compliance with all safety standards in the USA and Europe.

YetiToys tricycles available here. Details also on their Facebook Page.

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