Awesome Picks for Kids: Clouds & Raindrops ...Rain, Rain Go Away!!

I had other things to post this weekend, but the weather in New York for the last two days changed my inspiration completely. Yesterday, it rained profusely, the whole day. Today, no rain, but still sooo cloudy and dark. I think the sun went on vacation, to the Caribbean, perhaps.

Gray skies, clouds, raindrops and a thunder here and there, that's all we were left with. But then, I remembered how cute and trendy clouds are these days and decided to go to my Pinterest boards... There, they were!! Clouds and raindrops are the theme of many fall-winter collections for kids this year. Of course, over the reigning color, gray.

I love the incorporation of a touch of pale pink to complete a very delicate palette... Black, white, gray and a touch of light pink... Perfect!!

So, while we wait for sunnier days, I'll leave you with this beautiful selection.
1:: Rainy Day Sweatshirt by Emile et Ida available here .
2:: Rainy Day Mini Blanket by Donna Wilson available here.
3:: Giant Cloud Pillow by Noodoll available here.
4:: Baby Boots T-shirt by Emile et Ida available here.

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