Summer Ready: Beatrix NY Backpacks & Lunchboxes for Day Trips

Finally, the school year is over... yaaay!! Behind is all of that heavy schedule piled with recitals and end of school celebrations. It is time to relax, plan a vacation or two, schedule a few day trips, and get ready to go, because before you know, it will be fall again.
Now that my girls are nine and six years old, I'm really enjoying day trips with them. Diaper bags, diaper changes, constant feedings, those are things from the past... However, more flexibility doesn't mean total liberation. I still have to prepare well for a full day out.
My most important isssue to avoid whining and sudden cravings, is to arm my girls with small backpacks, something light that they can carry all day, roomy enough to hold all of their necessities. A bottle of water, snacks, a book, a pencil, crayons, a few sheets of paper, tissues, and their Ipods or any educational device... It really works!! Think, peace of mind, you won't have to search, every minute, for their things in your own bag, and they will be able to provide themselves with what they want, without asking.
Of course, I can't help looking for cute, trendy things, but I also care for children's safety requirements... Beatrix NY seems to fit perfectly here with its beautiful and safe-to-use line of backpacks, lunchboxes and water bottles, perfect for day trips and/or back to school in the fall...

"Dolce and Panna" ...sweet and cream. It sounds like the tale of two ice cream scoops enduring the heat in the summer, fighting against total melting... So adorable!! I am loving this design  with its delicate colors and summer theme, but I especially like the fact that all of Beatrix NY's backpacks and lunchboxes are PVC free, lead free and phthalate free... What are you waiting for?? Get summer ready, pack and go!!

Beatrix NY, full collection available here.

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