Traveling with Kids: Suitcases, Beach Towels, Blankets... Checked!!

The clock is ticking slowly and you are just counting the hours before Memorial Weekend is finally here... Ahh!! Numbers, letters, spread sheets, complicated stuff scroll up and down on your screen, but you remain imperturbable, nothing can take away that Monalisa smile off your face. Your mind is already set on a vacation mode, and no one in the family can wait until packing up and getting ready to go.
Packing!! ...Packing?? ...It sounds almost like panicking... It always happens, at the last minute  you realize you forgot to get new suitcases for the kids... It's time to go and they are dragging pillows and blankets into the car, holding boxes of cereal in their hands... What a mess!! This doesn't look like your dream vacation at all...
Well, it doesn't have to be like that. We've also had one too many of those episodes in the past. So, trying to avoid mayhem at departure, we researched and put together a list of our favorite travelling essentials for the little ones. Great items that are not only beautiful, but also functional and well built.
We like the new Zoo Rolling Luggage Collection from Skip Hop with its friendly zoo characters turned into wheeled suitcases that can be rolled around by junior, or carried on by an adult, using a detachable shoulder strap that allows you to continue moving, hands-free. Also in our list, Hooded Towels from 3 Sprouts, fun designs and attractive color combination on 100% cotton with two different textures, a knit pattern on the outside and super soft terry on the inside. The BoostApack from Trunki completes our list, a booster seat that holds a spacious luggage under its seat to store snacks, craft supplies or books. Also from Trunki, the SnooziHedz, a two-in-one inflatable pillow and fleece blanket combo, neatly and easily packed, ready to comfort tired and maybe, irritable, little angels through the journey.
So, don't waste any more time, go into a clicking adventure, and arrive to your destination in peace.

1:: 5:: Zoo Luggage Collection from Skip Hop available here. 

2:: 4:: Hooded Towels from 3 Sprouts available here.

3:: 6:: Kids' Travelling Essentials from Trunki available here

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