Paris in Color: Touring the City of Lights without the Eiffel Tower

The work week is getting to an end and Mother's Day is some hours away. Ahhh!!... Hubby haven't handed you yet those tickets to Paris you were dreaming of? No celebration of motherhood walking around Montmartre, while nibbling a macaron or two? ...No worries!!
Nicole Robertson's recently published book "Paris in Color" will get you really close, as she delights us with her photographic version of the City of Lights from a whole different perspective. Forget the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre Museum. This Paris is different, it is relaxed, artistic, colorful. 
This is the Paris you would love to visit some time and have the opportunity to admire,  walking around without pressures, taking your time to stare at a chair in front of an outdoor cafe, a pile of baguettes, a colorful moped or the exceptional Parisian gray skies. 
A really beautiful book with an interesting story behind. A tale of decision and determination to follow a dream and turn it into reality, written and photographed by designer and blogger Nichole Robertson. An adventure, a change of surroundings, hundreds of pictures, all together in "Paris in Color",  a perfect book to add to your coffee table collection and definitely, a tasteful gift. 
So, sit down, grab your cappuccino and let you imagination travel for a while...

Have a great weekend and Happy Mother's Day, friends!!
For details about Nicole Robertson's "Little Brown Pen" and "Paris in Color" click here.

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