Mother's Day: Party with Handmade Cutting Boards and DIY Cheeses

Today, I am realizing Mother's Day is really around the corner. Most websites are letting everyone know that today is the last possible day to get a present delivered by Sunday, 13th...
Ok, so it's late to order online, but what about real stores? Yes, the ones you walk in and touch the product you want to buy... Those are still an option and here I have an idea that could make Mother's Day a truly, enjoyable, unforgettable day, not only for mom, but for everyone in the family. Of course, if mom is close by.
I am a firm believer that it is about the "presence" and not the "present". It's nice to get mom a present, but it is even nicer to gift her with company, a good conversation, great food and a glass or two of wine.

So, how about just hanging out with mom? There are tons of blogs asking mothers what they would prefer to do on their day. It seems like their favorite choice, besides going out to lunch/brunch, is hanging out at home and having a good time eating, drinking, laughing and loving. 
In other words, moms want to relax and here are our favorite picks to get this hangout  party started:

Mini Footed Cutting Boards :: Rustic Cutting Platte from Gray Works Design Studio in New York. These boards are just gorgeous with their unique footed style, made of sustainably harvested hardwood and hand rubbed with organic olive oil. Food safe, easy to maintain and perfect for mom to keep after the party is over.

DIY Cheese Kits ::  Surprise mom with a nice arrangement of delicious edibles to put on the cutting board. Endulge with an arrangement of seasonal fruits, olives, crackers and cheeses. Even better, make your own cheese with these DIY Cheese-Making Kits from Williams Sonoma. It just takes an hour to produce your all-natural ricotta, mozzarella or chevre... Awesome, right?

Wine Bottle with Wood Stopper :: Complete this feast of the senses with mom's favorite wine and decant it in one of these attractive Glass Bottles from West Elm. We love the stoppers, super-sized, sculptural spheres, made of natural wood... Different!

That's it!! ...Now, you are all set!! You just need to do some shopping and gather  your true intentions to have a good time, celebrating the miracle of motherhood. We really hope this Sunday, you share a memorable Mother's Day.

PS: Purposedly, we have picked items that are mostly available everywhere. If you can't make it in person to those stores, at least copy the idea and have fun.

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