Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice... Every Day!

Back in December, my sister-in-law asked me for my Christmas wish list. I sent her an e-mail saying that ridiculously, I didn't have any. I have always felt weird about wish lists. What if I'm wishing for things out of the budget? ...Why should I ask for anything? ...Aren't gifts supossed to be a surprise?
Anyway, I thought about it one more time and got to the conclusion that aside from the "no surprise" factor, wish lists are great. Gift givers are already confirming that they want to give you a present when they ask for your wish list. They also want to make sure they spend their money on something you will really like.
I included in my list a couple of things that even though I had wanted them for a while, I had never bought and most likely, never would. You know, those things that are not a necessity, maybe a little pricey and always tossed in the list for "some other time"... Oranges came to my mind. Yessss, oranges, a glass of fresh squeezed orange juice every morning, forever. Something that I really love and was not having, because of the amount of time it takes to clean up the juicer or to squeeze the oranges manually.
Good news!! ...I did get the juicer I wanted. A vintage looking orange juicer that just with a simple movement of its lid, it presses all the juice out in seconds and easily gets cleaned without any aggravations. Besides, as an additional benefit, the chrome finish makes it a cool piece of decoration.
It is amazing how little things can make such a big difference when they come to you at the right time. January is usually the month for successful beginnings or terrible failures. From the very first days of the month, I can foresee what resolutions will become part of my life in the new year and which ones will stay in my wish list till the next one... Dedicating time to cooking, eating healthy and providing myself and family with a well balanced diet is one of those resolutions. Definitely, a simple tool, a juicer is helping to keep up with the idea... Did you know a 6oz. cup of fresh squeezed orange juice provides 100% of your vitamin C daily requirements, plus 3% calcium, potassium and many other goodies? ...Yummm!! ...Cheers to the new year and all of those little changes that make you feel closer to success!!
OrangeX Chrome Juicer available here

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