Quilt Baby: Modern Blankets that Please Your Eyes

Well, this is it!! Summer is gone and with that, a whole different routine starts. Forget about the easy days when you put a romper on your baby and headed out with those bare, chunky feet kicking in the air.
Fall is all about bundling up and in the world of blankets, the choices are so many. One of our favorites for the season is
Quilt Baby, modern blankets and accessories designed not only to keep your little angel warm, but also to please your eyes...

Recently arrived at Chittypulga, Quilt Baby fall's collection. The prints are gorgeous and the quality of the fabrics superb, so soft and cuddly. I'm totally in love with the "Bird on the Branch" and "Morning Glory" Minky Blankets, made of 100% cotton on the outside and plush vanilla minky on the inside. You may even complete a whole set with the matching bib, burpcloth and changing mat.

Great also as shower gifts, Quilt Baby Changing Mats... The size 28" x 20" is perfect to rest your baby on, and do the "icky" job on a truly absorbent surface, lined with super soft vanilla terry cloth. Once you are done, roll it up, tie it with the attached band and it will fit neatly in your diaper bag. Check the "Modern Flower" print... sooo fabulous!!
...And yeeesss!! You can still be trendy and look fashionable, even when your baby spits all over your shoulder... Just have her do it on Quilt Baby Burpcloths. They come in beautiful sets of two burpcloths and a bib wrapped with a silk ribbon, ready for gift giving. Also eye-catching, these newest prints from Quilt Baby, "Modern Buds" in aqua or toasted red... Fall is in the air!!

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