Egg by Susan Lazar: Fall '08 just hatched

When it came to dressing up my babies for the first time, I searched and searched for something amazingly special, something out of my dreams. Nothing complicated with laces or ribbons that could torture my "miniatures" from the very beginning... What kind of a "welcome to this world" would that have been?

I looked for something with a striking combination of colors, modern, with simple lines, sophisticated, different... and I found it!!
Egg by Susan Lazar is a gorgeous collection of one-piece layettes for boys and girls with matching hats, booties and blankets, made of 100% natural cotton with the look of wool, but without the itchiness. The yarn used in all pieces has only the look of wool, but the softness and smoothness of cotton.

Egg by Susan Lazar's Fall '08 collection just hatched and we have a fabulous selection at
Chittypulga. The new outfits are fantastic. The vibrant colors of fall combined with Lazar's constant theme inspired by "mother nature", plus those thick alternating stripes make me feel like embarking on another 40-week journey for the third time...
Just take a look and bookmark this page if you are expecting these months of fall or have a baby shower present to give. The Egg by Susan Lazar collection also has a variety of modern blankets, knit dresses and great cable knit hat and bootie sets, already gift packed in a beautiful presentation, perfect for showers and the approaching holidays.

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Kenziepoo said...

How cute are these! I love Egg. Thank you for sharing.