Awesome Picks for Kids: Zebras... The Next Favorite Animal Trend?

...Am I suffering of a bad case of the stripes? ...Noooo, I'm not getting colorful stripes all over my face, like little Camilla Cream in the popular children's book by David Shannon... I'm just seeing stripes,  lots of black and white stripes in the shape of zebras, included in many children's collections for the upcoming spring and summer... With cute designs, modern illustrations, and of course, the ever trendy combination of black and white, zebras seem to be ready to take over, as the favorite animal of the season. 

A beautiful pattern, zebras make a great theme to decorate a child's room or a playroom. They could also make a tasteful shower gift with this cool combo of zebra booties and matching onesie; or simply have your little fashionista show his love for zebras with a cute  graphic tee or cardigan... They are just adorable!!

Ready to start clicking?? Here are the links to our fabulous picks:

1:: Monochrome Zebra Head by Anne-Claire Petit, available here
2:: Cardigan Zebre - Dore by Simple Kids, available here.
3:: Zebra Tee by Tea Collection, available here.
4:: Camerun Shorts by Baby Box London, available here.
5:: Stripes and Dots Snapsuit by Winter Water Factory available here.
6:: Zebra Booties by Petit Nord available here.

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