Kukkia Toys: Bringing Kids' Playtime Back To Basics

I've always believed that simple and basic toys bring children's imagination a lot further than those equipped with batteries and sounds... Isn't it puzzling how little ones open a box with a toy inside, and immediately start playing with the box, rather than with the toy? It seems like a cardboard box has more power to challenge a child's creativity- maybe because they can manipulate it and make anything they want out of it.  

Japanese designed Kukkia Toys brought that idea back to my mind. Basic shapes made of natural materials with a combination of subtle and vibrant colors, surely do the trick in kids' busy hands- it's a silent invitation to touch and build, touch and play.

All made of sustainable beech wood, the collection goes from black and white polka dots cars to a mini City of London with its traditional Big Ben and a doubled-decker bus, from a sushi set with denim velcro seawed to star dominoes with a hundred stars to count and count all the way to the moon.

Adorable!!... Definitely, it's all in the details!!

Kukkia Toys are available at their website, here. (Use Google translator)
For list of stores and worldwide shipping, I suggest visiting their Facebook Page, here. 


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