Awesome Picks for Kids: Handmade Wooden Puzzles by Manzanita Kids

Today is National Puzzle Day in the US, a celebration meant to be enjoyed by anyone who feels like giving his or her brain a little extra exercise. Any kind of puzzle is included in the category, from jigsaw puzzles, wooden puzzles, crossword puzzles to sudoku, and even the Rubik's cube. It doesn't matter what kind your favorite is, the important element here is that you challenge yourself or your kids, to do something different and entertaining, while thinking and having fun.

My favorite puzzles for young children are the wooden ones, especially those that are ecofriendly and handmade. I recently discovered Manzanita Kids, a really nice and original collection of wooden toys that includes several sets of blocks, stacking toys and puzzles.

Manzanita Kids toys are made by a Seattle family that truly believes in sustainability, making a safe product that will enrich children's life and add to the beauty of their homes. Their puzzles are made of a gorgeous combination of  top quality American maple, cherry and walnut wood. Each piece is satin smooth sanded and polished by hand, using a blend of beeswax and organic jojoba oil. Definitely, an original work of art created to last and pass to the next generation... I'm loving them all!!

Are you ready to give National Puzzle Day a try and play for a little while? Which one is your favorite type of puzzle? ... Well, whichever you choose, get it done and have fun!!

Manzanita Kids available here.
All pictures provided by Manzanita Kids. 

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