Awesome Gifts for Kids: Baby's Favorite Toys (0-12 Months)

Entering the world of toys can be a little overwhelming... The variety of designs, styles and functions is endless. Trends are constantly changing, and unless you are taking frequent trips to the toy store, you might end up lost in a ocean of useless, mass produced items, not knowing what is best.

Don't let that happen!! ...We have gathered a list of gorgeous toys appropriate for babies from their newborn stage through the first year. Safe toys made out of natural, raw materials, free of toxic elements, and ...oohh, yeahhh!! noiseless. We have picked toys that promote observation with contrasting colors and diverse textures for baby's first three months, as well as toys that engage other senses and stimulate motor skills for later months. Softies, rattles, teethers, blocks, nesting dolls, pull-alongs, and even a ride-on sheep made it to our list. Eighteen toys to keep baby company during her fascinating journey discovering the world in twelve months...
      Our Favorite Toys in Black and White (above)
1:: Reflex No. 2 Crochet Camera by Single Hook available here.  
2:: Nesting Dolls - Set of Three by Wee Gallery available here.
3:: Pull-Along Zebra by Plan Toys available here.
4:: Rocking Sheep Black/White by Danish Crafts available here.
5:: Hug the Panda by Crowded Teeth available here.
6:: Pablo the Pigeon by Oeuf NY available here.

      Our Favorite Toys in Neutral Colors (above)
1:: Harry Hedgehog Cushion by Cardigan LTD available here.
2::Cuddly Doll Esquimaud by Phildar available here.
3:: Felt Food Chocolate Pie by Creation ByM available here.
4:: Little Lark Teething Toy by Little Alouette available here.
5:: Waldorf Soft Bunny Doll by Woolies available here.
6:: Rattle Peter by Esthex available here.

      Our Favorite Toys in Many Colors (above)
1:: Tattoo Baby Walker by Janod available here.
2:: Go Car Blue by Kid O available here.
3:: Pastel Blocks by Tree by Kerri Lee available here.
4:: Swedish Nesting Dolls by Angela Arrhenius available here
5:: Wobble Towers at Romp available here.
6:: Baby Car by Plan Toys available here.

...Need more toy inspiration? Head over to our "toys, toys...Toys" board at Pinterest. We are pinning daily our favorite toys for kids of all ages. Follow us!!

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Beautiful picks!! Love the crochet camera... so fun!!