Get Crafty With: Four Easy DIY Advent Calendars for Kids

I must confess, I've never joined the fun of an advent calendar, either as a child or as a grown-up. It sounds terrible... right? It almost makes me feel guilty or like I've been missing something good for too long. In reality, advent calendars are not part of my Christmas traditions from Venezuela and therefore as a parent, now living in New York, I've never paid much attention to it.

This year, I am all over it and Pinterest has a lot to do with it. There are so many wonderful bloggers, crafters and photographers putting their creativity to test before the first day of December, that I couldn't resist it anymore. This year, I am making an advent calendar for my girls and I'm realizing that there are only two days left to get it done.

So, I picked the four favorite projects that really made my heart smile, four creative ideas that are easy and quick to make, using very basic supplies that one can find anywhere.  From paper envelopes to mini cardboard boxes, from star-shaped cookies to toilet paper rolls, simple crafts for parents who love to share beautiful things with their kids, but don't have much time for arts... If you belong to this group, join me and take a look. These advent calendars may give you a clue!!

1:: Mini Christmas Envelope- Advent Calendar by Newnanc available here.
2:: Mini Tree Calendar - PDF Free Template  by Oh Happy Day available here.
3:: Tea + Cookies Advent Calendar by Liebesbotschaft available here.
4:: DIY Paper Roll Advent Calendar by Morning Creativity available here.

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