Awesome Gifts for Kids: Wooden Totems by NY Designer Dino Sanchez

Children reach a certain age in which picking a present for them becomes cumbersome. It seems like there is so much and such a variety of styles for the littlest ones, but once they turn into tweens, guessing what they like, becomes complicated, especially if you want to step out of the common trend of electronics and video games.

Here is something cool for kids over ten, something decorative that could keep their hands and minds busy for a while... "Totems" is a set of stackable wooden blocks designed by New York based artist and designer Dino Sanchez. Four different faces in a set, each block is handmade in the USA from solid oak and walnut with non-toxic finishes.

By the way, I wouldn't mind keeping one of those on my desk...  I'm definitely including Totems in my list of favorites, also for grown-ups!!

Totems by Dino Sanchez available here.
All pictures courtesy of Dino Sanchez' website.   

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