Trendy Nursery: Zu Collection Pillows... Oh, Zu Cute!!

How adorable are these pillows? ... and how beautiful would they look decorating a baby's room? Clouds, raindrop families, fawns, and birds, they're all part of Zu Collection, a French brand founded by graphic designer Juliette Collet who also adds illustrations and stationary to her very cute line.

All of Collet's designs are handmade in France. Her selection of fabrics is fantastic, delicate prints in pastel tones combined with solid neutral colors, giving her creations a pleasant mix of modern styles with a vintage touch. The added detail of embroidered long eye lashes and sweet smiles, make these pillows just irresistible... Don't you think so??

Zu Collection pillows available here.
All pictures courtesy of Zu's website.
Spotted via Baby Style Files.

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